Marko Matosevic

Hey, I’m Marko Matosevic and I run the YouTube Channel Markom3D and Markom3D Studios. I make both tutorials on Blender, and also weekly Animated short films. Come and check out my content at Markom3D.com feel free to message me.

Here is some of my work
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Full KitBashing Greeble Set



This it my kitbashing set that I use quite heavily. I will be updating this as I go on so expect the item count to get larger.

There are over 70 items in this set, and they can be used on all manner of models

These are not UV unwrapped, and have not been game engine optimised. 

The scifi panels are planes as we can use the shrink wrap modifier on it to wrap around other objects. I will be creating a tutorial on this and uploading it to youtube.com/markom3D