Inspirational Artists

Rafael Amarante

Concept Designer

Rafael Amarante is a 🇧🇷 🇵🇹 Concept Designer/Hard Surface 3D Artist


Eugene Gottsnake

Art Director

My name is Eugene Zaikin aka Gottsnake. A46 Studio founder and art director, lead character artist, concept designer.
9 years entertainment industry experience. Worked with titles like Metro Exodus, Baldur’s Gate III, Titan Quest, Spell Force, Natural Selection, etc


Anton Kozlov

Character Artist

I am a professional Character Artist working in the industry with roughly 5 years of experience total. I have worked for studios like Gameloft in NYC and Buenos Aires, Trendy Entertainment, and Lukewarm Media.

My projects include:

Spider-Man Unlimited (mobile)
Zombiewood (mobile)
Dungeon Defendres (Multi-Console)

Thank you


Dmytro Teslenko


Artist // Professional // Digital Art


Ben aka Bbbn19

3D Modeler and Sculpter

3D Modeler and Sculptor


Aleksandr Kuskov

Freelance Illustrator

Aleksandr Kuskov is a freelance illustrator and CGI artist specializing in commercial production. Working worldwide.
Skillset: Art Direction, Creative 3D Imaging, 2D/3D illustration, Photo-Manipulation, Post-Production, Concept Art with over 10 years of industry experience.
Always open to new opportunities.


Balázs Gräff

Senior Graphic Designer

Mr Balázs Gräff is a mysterious artist with a flare of creativity in artistry


Jose Vega

Concept Artist and Visual Developer

Jose Vega is a concept artist and visual developer working mainly in the video games and film industry. He is very passionate about working in a team and building great projects for the entertainment industry. Some of his clients include: Hirez Studios, Replicas, Shy the Sun, Wizards of the Coast, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Blur Entertainment, others...


Riccardo Massironi

3D Artist

Riccardo Massironi is a Stage designer and concept designer with working experiences for Opera and classic ballet, events and video games.

Riccardo Massironi currently works as a freelance, he has collaborated with several clients including the Triennale Museum of Milan, Thyssen Museum (Madrid), Skira, Brera Theater, Teatro San Carlo Naples, Astana Opera, NCPA, Pepsico, and MaxaM and more.

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